ValueDo is an implementation-strong life sciences management and marketing consulting firm, helping Marketing, Medical, Market Access and Operations clients globally, maximize value to patients, HCPs, payers and shareholders, and achieve 3 key goals




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Where We Can Help You


We can help you achieve growth objectives and steward change throughout your organization.

  • Expand into new geographies, business segments and therapy areas
  • Set-up new capabilities
  • Evolve organizational functions and drive adoption across different levels of organization
  • Develop commercial operating models
  • Execute lifecycle management (LCM) plans


We can help you achieve operational and partnership excellence using our tested toolkits and playbooks.

  • Maximize value on marketing and medical launches using our proprietary framework
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration and ways-of-working
  • Implement process improvements
  • Assist with partner selection and integration


We can help improve your capabilities, technology, and processes, to serve patients, prescribers and payers better.

  • Implement Omnichannel Medical and Marketing customer engagement
  • Improve HCP & patient journey and experience
  • Design alternate customer engagement models
  • Drive innovation on business and technology blueprints

We are excited to listen to your business goals and priorities.

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We Are Who We Are Because of Our Clients' Trust In Us

ValueDo has specifically supported me to stand up a US organization from scratch, and building a new capability for the enterprise. I attribute ValueDo with playing an important, hands-on role in us delivering on a mega-blockbuster launch, all within 2 years from FDA approval...

Global Head and Franchise
Lead - Solid Tumors

They are a group of excellent strategic thinkers, masters at project management and an overall strong partner to have on your team...

Vice President, Franchise Head - Biologics and Biosimilars

What sets ValueDo apart is their ability to bridge gaps across commercial, medical, R&D, and operations... combined with insights on how to navigate our own organization, and finally their responsiveness...

Sr. Director (Commercial) - Global Respiratory Portfolio

ValueDo teams have been able to successfully deliver concrete outcomes on both Global and local country of the strengths is, the application of strong systems-thinking and being able to translate that to pragmatic solutions...

Country & Commercial
Head - EU Region
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Our Value Proposition

How We Engage Differently and Drive Outcomes

With us, you get a balance of subject-matter expertise and consulting capabilities. We listen to you first, understand your goals and challenges, and then co-create a custom solution with you. We offer a unique engagement model that combines systems-thinking and coaching-led consulting principles.

Let's discuss how we can drive better outcomes for you.

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Our Core Value: Customer-Centricity

We adopt a surgical approach to diagnose, navigate and implement what is best for the customer and for the business, sometimes even before the customer realizes her/himself.

Objective goals and guarantee

We set objective goals, track interim success, and guarantee our value promise.

Cultivate our intellectual capital

We invest in ourselves to better serve our clients, by participating in corporate development and executive education programs at ivy-league institutions.

Agile and lean operating model

Our established processes and vast experience allows us to deliver highest quality results with timelines far quicker than consulting industry benchmarks.

Challenge the status quo

We challenge industry norms and conventions, and also bring ex-industry best practices.

Native to Europe, western Asia, and northwestern Africa, foxgloves are an attractive flower to humans, and pollinators alike. When brought to the Americas, foxglove flowers underwent a transition to engage better with a new pollinator, hummingbirds, which ensured a promising outcome in its new territory.

Success Stories

Omnichannel HCP Medical And Marketing Transformation

ValueDo supported franchise heads and their marketing leaders to scale and implement a global omnichannel medical and marketing methodology for 3 of their biologics brands across 15+ countries and all business regions. This included omnichannel subject-matter expertise, agile coaching, lean program and change management support, and implementation of a robust omnichannel methodology.

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Sharing Insights and Industry Expertise

We want to contribute to positive changes throughout the industry. On our podcast and through our point-of-view papers, we partner with industry leaders and subject matter experts to deep-dive into challenging and evolving topics to offer actionable guidance.


Omnichannel Customer Engagement In Pharma

Episode Two: Omnichannel HCP Engagement With Melissa Fellner

Where do you start if you want to do omnichannel with HCP engagement? Assemble your salesforce team and map out the stages that your customers go through, from the beginning of their journey all the way to being a brand ambassador. Gaurav Kandhari’s guest, Melissa Fellner, an executive pharma marketer, is back to give you practical tips on implementing omnichannel for your business.

Start thinking about how to measure outcomes of customer engagement versus outcomes of sales. It’s not a diagnostic with click rates or engagements; it’s all about behavior change. If you want to know more about how to do omnichannel, this episode is for you. Tune in!


Rare Diseases Drug Launch Framework

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More point-of-views

Clownfish and anemones offer one of nature's perfect pairings, with the fish gaining protection, while the anemone gains food. Similarly, ValueDo likes to pass along our knowledge, while also gaining valuable insights from our growing client base -- a symbiotic relationship that benefits the industry as a whole.