Custom Solutions

We listen to you to understand your vision, challenges and priorities, and then co-create a custom solution. We define success objectively at the outset and always aim to deliver beyond goals.


We can help you achieve growth objectives and steward change.

New business segment expansion

Helped generics pharma organization's global expansion strategy into Biosimilars.

New functional capability

Helped US pharma Immuno-Oncology organization to implement internal big data capability.

Evolution of Market Access Services organization

Helped US pharma's (Market) Access Services function with scale-up, growth and operational excellence efforts . Assisted the Access Strategy team with roadmap, operational strategy, brand engagement evolution, and transition to improved operating model.

Growth strategy for a geographical market

Supported global pharma to re-examine their China strategy, by evaluating the country landscape, looking at competitor and future trends, tapping into executives' know-how, and delivering a focused growth strategy.

Operating model redesign

Helped a big pharma's EU country affiliate to redesign their CVS and Oncology strong commercial operating model, go-to-market approach and internal organization and ways-of-working.

Lifecycle Management plan development

Assisted a global pharma lifecycle management (LCM) exercise to shortlist drug candidates for their LCM pursuit strategy for Respiratory and CNS therapy areas.

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We can help you achieve operational and partnership excellence using our tested toolkits and playbooks.

Streamline patient engagement in a disease area

Helped conceptualize, design, and implement an integrated patient engagement framework and a local country minimum-viable-product (MVP) for a global pharma's respiratory franchise.

Maximize value on drug launches

Provided pre, per and /post launch planning and management support to four different large and mid-tier biopharma organizations for five drug launches and eight indication launches.

Digital strategy process excellence

Helped a US Oncology franchise of a big pharma to crystallize their internal digital marketing strategy, CMS IT governance, and operational processes..

Outsourcing partner evaluation and partnership implementation

Helped an EU Biologicals organization identify and finalize their outsourcing partner for their global safety and pharmacovigilance services.

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We can help innovate your capabilities, technology, processes and ways-of-working so you could offer a simplistic, unique and personalized experience to customers.

Omnichannel design & implementation

Helped three global biologicals brands at a big pharma setup and implement omnichannel medical and marketing transformations across 15+ countries.

Virtual HCP engagement commercial model

Conceptualized, designed, and implemented a novel virtual sales and marketing office for a big pharma mature brands group to drive prescription and sales in three highly competitive growth markets.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) HCP sales model for whitespace coverage

Conceptualized and designed P2P sales model to create brand awareness and to initiate patient starts for a complex IV drug in the US market.

Evolution from brand-centric to persona-led customer-centric marketing and selling model

Helped evolve the customer engagement approach by creating and validating attitudinal personas, creating targeted HCP journeys for each persona, and identifying personal and non-personal channels.

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